Energizing Business through Data Insights

Dezota's Raison D'être

The price of light is less than the cost of darkness.
Arthur C. Nielsen
The Oxford dictionary defines the phrase “from A to Z” as “over the entire range; completely.” Zed is the pronunciation of the letter Z in Commonwealth English (“zee” in American English). The company name Dezota is simply “A to Zed” written backwards. The name is meant to invoke the concept that the greatest insights come from a comprehensive view.
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Dezota is the vision of Principal Consultant Brian Holman. Brian has worked in strategic positions at a billion-dollar technology company, founded and sold a venture funded software company, and transformed a legacy North American consumer products company into a technology-driven agile business with a significantly expanded international footprint. He has negotiated a technology acquisition from Cisco and lead due diligence on several other potential company acquisitions. He has served in CxO level positions for 18 years.

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Through these experiences, Brian has learned that many organizations are not achieving their potential by missing the insights hidden in their corporate data. Particularly, as Brian has led the analysis of potential company acquisitions, he has seen first-hand the light bulb moments when he has presented significant business insights gleaned from provided data that these companies didn’t discover themselves. This is the focus of the consulting practice at Dezota.

Brian has been working with databases and building companies since he sold his first database application at age 14. Brian’s experience extends from the technical to the strategic. He holds an undergraduate degree in Computer Science and an MBA from the Marriott School of Management at Brigham Young University. Brian was recognized as one of the top 40 business leaders under 40 by Utah Business Magazine. He wrote a pioneering book at the beginning of the web revolution on the venerable JavaScript language that was published by Prentice-Hall. Brian holds several patents related to his work building technology platforms.

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